Researchers Diary

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I am part of the Nomad Team visiting the University this week asking students and staff questions about their thoughts, feelings and the future of the Kimberlin Library.

We’ve been onsite for the past two days and had a great time exploring the University campus and some of the city, trying out some of the local restaurants including, Shivalli, which we would highly recommend!

Everyone has been extremely welcoming, and we’ve already managed to speak to over 60 people, gaining some interesting and valuable insights into how you currently use the library and what types of spaces, facilities, and events you would like to see more of.

We’ve also carried out over 50 concept mapping exercises where we’ve asked you to redesign the library. We’ve had an array of good ideas, from rooftop gardens, gyms where you can workout and study at the same time, and cinemas for education and entertainment.

Today is our last day on site, and we’re going to be in the Foyer of the Vijay Patel Building and the Kimberlin Library for the rest of the day so if you’d like to take part, come and find us!

Chris – Nomad Team



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