A Sense of Community


We have visited a LOT of Universities over the years, some very exclusive, some high achieving and scholarly, some friendly and welcoming and some that are trendy and innovative. The curriculum, the architecture and the identity of the place all play a part in making each place unique but above all its the people that make a difference. We have found that each institution has its unique community of people and its individual culture. Our studio is located in Scotland, and Scottish students don’t move around much so our Universities are often populated primarily by local students. Outside Scotland we know that students move around a great deal more so Universities often have diverse and varied populations which can make them rather interesting.

One place that does have a strong sense of community is Glasgow School of Art where the majority of our people studied. The image above is from the annual street party which is notorious in Glasgow and closes down several streets for the night. There is a tangible feeling of community at GSA; it is a small institution located in the centre of the city but on a hill and off the beaten track. The students vary from the stereotypical ‘arty folk’ in the paint-stained overalls and funny haircut uniform to shy folk in cable knit jumpers and bottle bottom glasses and everything in between. But, there is a real sense of unity created by a shared passion for the arts and the many events and activities that this generates which results in a feeling of belonging for everyone.

We want to know about the community at DMU. Is there a feeling community and how would you describe it? Who are DMU students and how are they different from the inhabitants of other institutions? As with our other posts, we want you to comment here or feed into the ‘community’ poll when it is uploaded in a couple of weeks. Alternatively you can also email us at dmu@nomad-rdc.com



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