Welcome to the start of #FutureLibrary

2017 is something of a special anniversary year for library services at DMU. The original Kimberlin Library turns 40, the extension turns 20 and our first Learning Zone celebrates 10 years of operation.

2017 is also special because we expect to start a major planning process about our future. There is recognition and appetite for major investment in the library at De Montfort University. The extent of DMU’s ambitions will become clear in early 2017, and your voice is vital in shaping that ambition. That’s why we’ve asked our friends at Nomad to help us start a conversation on #FutureLibrary that we expect to continue as planning gets underway.

Right now, we’ve a few key themes that Nomad are going to be asking you about.

Space: A ‘library’ is more than just a space – you tell us that in your feedback and ‘home’ is a word that crops up regularly. What types of learning and teaching spaces do you enjoy, and what’s missing?

Innovation and Inspiration: Our job is to inspire you and support you on your learning journey. What types of innovative activities, services and spaces should our future library have to give you that stimulation?

Community and Culture: We think DMU’s library should reflect and serve our vibrantly diverse community. We’re asking Nomad to explore this identity so that we can create spaces with a strong sense of belongingness.

Identity: the library is the academic heart of every campus. Libraries have changed dramatically in recent years and we are no exception. What does ‘library’ mean to you, and how can we use this to create spaces that project an appropriate identity and sense of place at the heart of your learning experience?

Exciting times lie ahead. Join in the conversation and journey as we explore and plan for #FutureLibrary – this is just the start

Richard Partridge
Head of User Experience
Library and Learning Services



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